What we do

At Demurrage Desk, we are dedicated to providing our clients with world-class demurrage claims and management services. Whether you need assistance with occasional laytime calculations, demurrage claims and recovery, charter party review and clause design or an in-depth audit of your historical data, our team of experts is here to help.
1. Individual laytime calculations & audits

One-time audits of a single voyage charter.

Ideal for
Charterers and Traders.

2. Outsourced laytime & demurrage management

Complete outsourced laytime and demurrage management for multiple voyage charters or Contracts of Affreightment.

Ideal for
Shipowners, Vessel Operators or as a back-log solution.

3. Charter party / contract review

Bespoke contract and clause design. Together, we ensure that the Charter Party and Sales Contract terms are aligned.

Ideal for
Charterers and Traders.

4. Demurrage claims exchange

Identifying clusters of similar-value claims and enabling effortless exchange of claims.

Ideal for
Shipowners/operators, Charterers and Traders.

5. Claims recovery

Accurate and timely demurrage invoicing and structured demurrage recovery.

Ideal for
Shipowners/operators, Charterers and Traders.

6. Historical audits

In-depth analysis of demurrage claims for accuracy, root causes and cash flow impact, providing detailed insight and actionable remedies, optimising ocean supply chain strategies.

Ideal for
Charterers and Traders.

Improve your operational performance

We aim to help our clients improve operational performance, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. By partnering with us, you'll gain valuable insights and strengthen your negotiation positions while maintaining balanced counterparty relationships.

We understand that every client's needs are unique, which is why we offer bespoke training and guidance to ensure that our services are tailored to your specific requirements. In addition, our quality assurance and workflow optimisation ensure streamlined and efficient operations.

At Demurrage Desk, we deliver outstanding results and build long-term client partnerships.


Charter Party review

Navigating the world of Charter Parties can be daunting, especially when clauses seem ambiguous or conflicting.

As an expert in Charter Parties, laytime, demurrage, and all aspects of chartering, we are here to help you succeed in your business. Together, we can ensure that the Laytime terms reflect those of your Sales Contract and that the impact of each clause is crystal clear. In addition, we’ll compare the costs and benefits to provide a clear view of the risks before you sign the CP.

Whether you need clarification on which Contract/Charter Party best fits your trade or want to feel more comfortable with the jargon, we here to help. So why not get in touch today to learn how we can make your voyage charters exciting rather than a source of stress and uncertainty?

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