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Message by CEO Jean-Paul Dezutter

Jean-Paul Dezutter It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Demurrage Desk.

These are challenging times for the maritime industry; with the vessel’s costs, revenue and cash flow continuously tested to the limit, the need for concentrated focus and dedication is of paramount importance.

Anyone involved in performing a voyage knows it takes full and unrelenting attention to every detail; from port congestion and fluctuating bunker rates upto weather conditions and the risk of piracy, to name but a few. Just like in the early days of shipping the undertaking of a voyage still remains a genuine adventure for both ship owner (or operator) and charterer. The distinction between success and failure is very narrow and neglecting a single element can have disastrous consequences.

Demurrage Desk offers complete Demurrage management by means of a dedicated and professional service releasing you from the complex and time consuming calculations and bringing peace of mind instead.

I hope you will consider joining us. Jean-Paul Dezutter